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Who is best female vocalist in K-pop?

Top 10 Best K-Pop Female Vocalists These K-pop idols are the best vocalists from popular girl groups! Yuju of Gfriend. JeA of Brown Eyed Girls. Wendy of Red Velvet. Raina of After School/Orange Caramel. Solar of Mamamoo. Luna of f(x) Eunji of Apink. More items... •

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These K-pop idols are the best vocalists from popular girl groups!

Which Female Vocalist Has the Best Voice in K-Pop?

In the world of K-pop girl groups, there are numerous golden voices that capture the hearts of listeners. With their feminine but powerful voices, these singers became the pride of their groups as the best vocalists. There are many female idols who possess harmonious voices, but a few outshine the others. These ten female idols are known not only for their beautiful faces, but also for their beautiful voices. Here are our picks for the top 10 best K-pop vocalists with angelic voices!

Yuju of Gfriend

10. Yuju (Gfriend)

Yuju, whose real name is Choi Yu-na, was the main vocalist of the girl group Gfriend, which unfortunately disbanded in 2021. The group was made up of six members who were talented in dancing and singing. They debuted in 2015 and quickly established themselves as a professional and amazing girl group. Gfriend gained popularity because of their unique feminine music style, and Yuju, being the main vocalist, had the strongest and most powerful vocals. Listening to her voice is like experiencing love at first sight. Her voice is simply bright and lovely. Even though Gfriend is no longer active, Yuju still has a huge musical career ahead of her!

JeA of Brown Eyed Girls

9. JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)

Brown Eyed Girls is a popular K-pop girl group that's known for its talented vocalists. The three vocalists, Narsha, Ga-in, and JeA, are all praised for their excellent skills and golden vocals. But when it comes to being passionate and promising, JeA outshines the other two. She has good vocal control, good tone, and a very unique voice that can be easily distinguished, unlike other female idols. She may not be the one who can hit the highest note, or the one who has the strongest voice, but she always stands out from the rest. Also, she blends well with the group's harmony while still gaining individual attention. We can hardly see the others' emotions while singing, but JeA definitely nails it.

Wendy of Red Velvet

8. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Song Seung-wan, better known as Wendy of Red Velvet, started showing musical interest at a young age. She grew up in a family of music lovers, so she has developed a dream of being a singer since five. Because of being a prodigy, Wendy's dream came true because she is now a popular vocalist of Red Velvet since their debut in 2014. While listening to Wendy's voice, we can actually feel that her vocals are well-trained because it has good control and tone. She also sounds the most mature and most developed voice among Red Velvet members. Her voice has great complexity. It gives us a rich, smooth feeling to their R&B and Soul songs.

Raina of After School/Orange Caramel

7. Raina (After School/Orange Caramel)

Oh Hye-rin, whose stage name is Raina, is the main vocalist of After School and the leader of its sub-unit, Orange Caramel. The group is very popular in Korea, and Raina is recognized as one of the best vocalists among all the idol groups. With her great voice, she gained her chance to become an idol. But during pre-debut, she was working at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as a barista. Raina's voice is very flexible, and she can hit high notes without trying too hard. She is also considered as one of the few female idols with the widest vocal range and is smart enough to control and use it comfortably based on her own ability.

Solar of Mamamoo

6. Solar (Mamamoo)

Solar, whose real name is Kim Yong-sun, is the leader and main vocalist of the girl group, MAMAMOO. The group debuted with a blast in 2014, and is considered as one of the best K-pop group debut of the year. They are praised as a highly skilled vocal girl group. MAMAMOO's music style is kind of unique because their songs are touched by retro, jazz, and R&B genres that requires talented vocals. Good thing, the group is able to bring their best music because the members have strong vocal performances, especially Solar. Her high belting is superb and she hits high notes like she's born to do it smoothly. Her voice is indeed powerful and she is often compared to Ailee, Hyorin, and Taeyeon.

Luna of f(x)

5. Luna (fx)

Luna, also known as Park Sun-young in real life, is a talented female idol from f(x). She debuted in the group as the main vocalist and lead dancer. Besides her incredible skills in dancing, she is a very good singer. She is able to produce a voice that mixes well with the members' vocal skills, without losing the projection of being the main vocalist. She sings really well and her voice is also light and feminine. Actually, she is considered as one of the most developed head voices among all female K-pop vocalists. Luna is also noted for being an entertainer. She is often seen actively participating in many shows and programs along with the other idols.

Eunji of Apink

4. Eunji (Apink)

Another female idol who possess a powerful voice is Jung Eunji of Apink. Being the main vocalist, she's been getting attention since the group's debut in 2011. With her prowess and passion in singing, she is recognized as one of the best vocalists because of her strong vocal image. She has a very great skill in voice control and she sounds really disciplined and developed. She sounds good both in low and high tone, which is pretty cool. She performed really great in all Apink songs, showcasing her true talent and ability in singing. In fact, she quickly became known as the vocal “powerhouse” of the group, and she clearly deserves that amazing nickname.

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Taeyeon of SNSD

3. Taeyeon (SNSD)

One of the most popular vocalists in the K-Pop world is the leader of Girls' Generation (SNSD), none other than Kim Tae-yeon, or simply Taeyeon. She is not just breathtakingly beautiful, but her voice is stunningly amazing as well. Her voice has a perfect consistency and control, and we can say that she has trained her voice well because her tone is also good. Her voice is the most gorgeous when she's hitting high notes without the need of putting so much effort. She has established her image as one of the most influential artists of K-Pop and is usually chosen as the best vocalist by many music companies. She have also proven herself by gaining several awards which recognizes her as a great singer.

Solji of EXID

2. Solji (EXID)

Solji established herself as EXID's vocal trainer before becoming a member. With her remarkable background in singing and voice lessons, she is definitely considered as one of the top female idol vocalists in K-Pop today. She was also a member of 2NB, a vocal duo in 2008. With her long-time experience in music, Solji's voice is the most developed. Her tone sounds more mature and consistent. Her voice is full, round, and big, which is great because not all female idols can have such powerful and strong voice. She can also support her own voice whenever she performs, and since 2008, her voice has shown a huge improvement, which makes her a terrific vocalist.

Hyorin of Sistar

1. Hyorin (Sistar)

When it comes to overall performance - dancing, singing, and performing live, Hyorin of the former group Sistar will always be attractive. Because of her strong stage presence, incredible dancing skills, and sexy image, she is also dubbed as Korea's version of Beyonce. Many would agree that her voice is the best among all K-pop female idols. Her voice is cool and low, and sometimes a little husky, but is incredibly awesome. Her voice power is often rated with Ailee, who is also a very powerful singer. Hyorin is not only a great singer, but she also have the strong confidence with her voice. Her low-toned voice is simply magnificent and sexy. Actually, her voice is one of the lowest ranges for female vocalists in K-pop, and it perfectly suits her beautiful and strong Beyonce-like image. Although Sistar disbanded in 2017, Hyorin has gone on to pursue a solo career.

Who Did We Miss?

Did we miss your favorite female vocalist? Not to worry though, you can always express your thoughts by sharing them below.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Who is the main vocalist of Blackpink?

Answer: Rose is the main vocalist of Blackpink. She has strong and powerful vocals. In the group, her voice is known to be the most unique.

Question: Who is the main vocalist of Loona?

Answer: JinSoul is the lead vocalist of Loona. She is also the main rapper and visual of the group.

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Jisoo is prettiest on September 09, 2020:

Where is Jisoo ...? I love her voice

Afiq on September 06, 2020:

dear everyone asking abt your faves, this is abt the best technique and not abt which one is most popular.

Blink on August 21, 2020:

Where's Rose and Jisoo from Blackpink?

Hana on August 19, 2020:

Where is jisoo and rose they are main vocalist thy have unique voc

JJ on August 03, 2020:

tbh I thought rose from blackpink is here

my queen Rose ❤ on July 28, 2020:

rose deserved the top 1

ROSEKOOK on July 11, 2020:

how bout my queen rose from blackpink !

Nikki on July 10, 2020:

UNKNOWN on July 08, 2020:

STOP asking why Rose is not in this list. Rose have a good voice color, but her vocal is not good as the people in this list. Rose's vocal isn't powerful.

Dfre on July 05, 2020:

Where is iu. Who is known for being queen of kpop. Disgusting......

Revonclink on July 02, 2020:

Good list....we only need iu♥️

yuju on July 01, 2020:


Blink on June 28, 2020:

Lakshita on June 26, 2020:

Where is rose from blackpink

Stan (G)I-DLE on June 23, 2020:

Maybe Miyeon can be on this list if cube gives here more chance to show her talent .

P.S. Where is Choa or even yuna (AOA)

Hansika on June 22, 2020:

Where is Rose!

InSomnia on June 22, 2020:

Where is Dreamcatcher Siyeon and Yoohyeon?

Lili on June 19, 2020:

Where is blackpink rose and jisoo!!!!!! There are the besr vocalist from kpop girls

Sonam on June 19, 2020:

There is no blackpink rose.i will only vote for blackpink rose

ellAAAA on June 18, 2020:


Ashley on May 15, 2020:

I think yuju is top 3

Hadiii.. on April 13, 2020:

Where’s Jisoo and Rose From blackpink

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PARK JIMIN on April 06, 2020:

where is CHOA from AOA

KIyo88 on March 18, 2020:

Everyone ask "Where's Rosé?"

This is a list about top 10 femele vocalist in Kpop, not a list "Who is your favorite". I'm not a Blink, but I like Blackpink so much, but so sorry, Rosé is not in top10 best voices. I almost agree with this list, but I think Wendy is the third one. Others are on good place in my opinion.

I'm not being biased on February 01, 2020:

People saying "where is blackpink rose and jisoo?" Stop being biased they have technique , you will just like their vocal colour

Blink on January 03, 2020:

Where is jisoo ?

hi on September 03, 2019:

EXID on July 26, 2019:


onur on July 08, 2019:

lmao where is Park Bom? u cant be serious

Blink on June 22, 2019:

Where is Jisoo from blackpink. I love her voice

Nikhattu on June 15, 2019:

Where is Ailee?

Evelyn Grace Medrano Rubio on June 03, 2019:

Nice list but Solar is my favorite female voice in K-Pop. And Mamamoo is such an underrated girl group.

DeniseSilva on May 20, 2019:


Berry on May 06, 2019:

Wendy is better than solar, she maybe can beat taeyeon baby

Yaya on April 13, 2019:

Okay, where is park bom?

Gfriend on December 02, 2018:

I think it should be

1. Wendy

2. Yuju

Try to listen gfriend

selgalad on October 09, 2018:

There has to be BoA in this list, seriously.

Choohe on July 13, 2018:

Taeyeon unnie the best

Blink & army on July 10, 2018:

Heyyyy where is park bom????

DAWN13 on June 25, 2018:

Taeyeon and Hyorin are the best

pink panda on May 19, 2018:

Eunji...jjang!!! U are the best for me and others panda out there..

agnes tasya on April 26, 2018:

Eunji Eunji Eunji Eunji is the best singer than yuju....!!!!

Blackpink thrash on March 24, 2018:

Where is Park Rosé

choi yuna on March 22, 2018:

yuju yuju yuju yuju vote yuju!!!!!!!!!

Namjin İs Real Forever on February 18, 2018:

Park Bom?? Park Chaeyoung??

Mira on January 02, 2018:

Why does no one ever acknowledge Seunghee from Oh My Girl???

eunji the best on December 06, 2017:

Eunji will always be no.1 in my heart...

Bakabaka on December 02, 2017:

Where is soohyun and iu????????????????????????????????????????????

Tamara on November 21, 2017:

Taeyeon is definetely the best and where's Ailee and Jessica they definitely belong here

nana komatsu on November 08, 2017:

where is minah ?

sparks pop-k on October 09, 2017:

Taeyeon won the most votes she's definitely first!!!

You forgot Seohyung unnie.Tiffany unnie and even Bora unnie comes to the list

mimo on October 05, 2017:

where is jihyo and nayeon from twice ?

Mrs Unknown on August 15, 2017:

I think hyorin is more good than taeyon maybe

Annie on August 09, 2017:


Eric on July 31, 2017:

Kei from Lovelyz!?

lamia.alh on July 28, 2017:

park bom 2ne1 ... she have a voice of an angel and ailee too, and blackpink's rosé they all are a powerfull female vocalist ...

Confused... on July 19, 2017:

Where is Ailee? She should be in the top 3.

Zahra from iran on June 21, 2017:

Teayoun is my queen

Mei21 on June 19, 2017:


fayrouz on June 18, 2017:


Flower Dnce on June 15, 2017:

Ailee is the first place. Hyorin the second, and the whole MAMAMOO group in third place. Taeyeon also.

But srsly where is Ailee

exo on June 08, 2017:

Ailee shouud be no.1 because she is the queen of vocalist in kpop.

kpop on May 28, 2017:

I think Solji sings better than Hyorin because nowadays, Hyorin strains a lot and it doesn't sound good. I think Hyorin is still a good vocalist. I just prefer Solji.

Buddy on May 23, 2017:

Go Yuju!!

Anonymous on April 25, 2017:

It was purely filtered on girl group member, if not, Ailee should have been listed here.

buddy on April 17, 2017:

yuju is the best

Haru Haru on April 14, 2017:

My vote for Yuju

visitor on April 14, 2017:

hyorin is the best singer

Yeoja Chingu / Eiluj Nna Otcideneb on April 11, 2017:

Yuju , is my vote , she's have a lovely voice, she's one of my favorite in gfriend And i love taeyeon , taeyeon is the most beautiful women in korean hihi , and so that's my opinion

Fan on April 08, 2017:

Hyorin is korean beyonce

G.X.O. on March 31, 2017:

Nobody has Taeyeon's voice babe, and everybody knows it

Malsawmi SONE on March 30, 2017:

Taeyeon,Luna and Wendy.........I LOVE YOU ALL.......And You All Deserve It!!!!!

Random Guy on February 28, 2017:

I Feel wendy deserves much higher place than this thoo

menna on February 21, 2017:

i think taeyeon she is best singer in korea

mm on February 21, 2017:

taeyeon best singer in korea i think

Leggo on January 28, 2017:

I think the best female vocalist is Solji

tdt on January 25, 2017:

why T-ara's Soyeon isn't on the list?

Nora on January 06, 2017:

I don't understand why many people consider Taeyeon better than Hyorin

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